Tuesday, 12 July 2011


Micromax is the mobile gadget that is catching up the established brands fast. The winning formula for this relatively new mobile manufacturer is simple- fetching you quality and multi utility mobile gadget at the lowest possible price. And once again RightGadgets.In is the concern that can get you these sought after collections. The respective segment that we at www.rightgadgets.in/items_subcat.asp?Category=Mobiles_India_Online&cid=1&brand=Micromax for Micromax solely, will let you experience this new age wonder. Designing innovation is the key in our features, as for example; you can consider Micromax GT-E 2370, Micromax Q1, Micromax Psych X505, Micromax X226+, Micromax X118, Micromax X266, Micromax X410 and other sets as well. Here, rather than maintaining three separate sets as data cable, charger, and headphone, we have collaborated these three features in single accessory, and definitely it’s a three-in-one package for you. Modern day mobiles are rich in features, and besides the conventional call making, call receiving, sms like activities; acts like E-Mailing, chatting, Voice massages, Movie watching, Social networking, multimedia operations, downloading your favorite tunes, book reading, preparing your office work presentation are all at your fingertips with them. As far as features are concerned, mobiles embedded with the features like Bluetooth, Camera, Dual Sim, FM Radio, Push Mail, Querty, Touch screen, Video and Music player, Wi-fi, 3G are all here at the respective Micromax mobile segment that www.rightgadgets.in maintains for you. Micromax believes in maintaining itself updated with the latest features and specifications, and this effort is clearly visible in our respective segments hosting mobiles within Android, GPRS, GSM, and Smart Phones, Tablets categories. RightGadgets.In exerts its efforts to make your shopping more feasible and easier, and to meet that; we have our respective segments as per the price ranges, as per the types of mobiles, even as per the personal preferences like colors as well.

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